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Creating harmony, integration, and peace of mind for your horse.



Gain understanding and insight for improving your biomechanics, timing and feel. The keys for successful partnering.



Personalized program for wellness/awareness.  11 selfseeds to select, plant, nurture, and grow. www.Selfseeds.com


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Education:  My respect for the importance of good basics and an interest in experiencing dressage in a "pure" environment led me to Portugal to study with Señor Luis Valenca, an experience which further ignited my enthusiasm to learn classical principles of training and riding. From the beginning, I have sought to work with, observe, and talk with inspiring masters from around the world out of a respect and passion for developing a humane methodology for training.

Teaching:  "To teach is to learn twice." This philosophy summarizes my interactions with my students:  as I impart theories and techniques to them, I too, learn from their reactions and results,  While many of my students are dressage riders, I also work with riders from other disciplines of riding (jumping, distance riding, western, and so on) and use the classical principles as a basic framework for approaching all riding.

Riding:  My search to improve my riding skills has always been motivated by a desire to refine my communication with the horse:  to try and develop an unobtrusive seat while applying the aids with better timing and tact. The horse, in turn, develops balance, suppleness, and self carriage through three ways of education:  lungeing, work in hand, and riding. Most importantly, I keep the horse's mental integrity foremost in all of my training.

Ballroom Dancing: The insight gained in partnering as a two-legged has provided remarkable insight into the physical, mental, and soulful levels of partnering--what is involved with leading and following. A true partner is both.

​Meditation: Examining stillness, Self, humanity, and the spiritual path has changed my capacity to be thoughtful, present, insightful, patient, and compassionate for both the horse and the rider.

Selfseeds: A program for riders and non-riders who want to better understand and enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of walking on the path of life.


As Iqbal says:   'I wandered in the pursuit of my own self; I was the traveler, and I am the destination.'



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My Horse, My Heart, My Soul

Published 2016

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Where is the artful-heartfelt aspect in the modern equestrian world?

While collaborating with Nancy for the creation of Seeing Through the Eyes of the Horse, I was inspired to start a second book, My Horse, My Heart, My Soul. 

For this book, I interviewed seven horse professionals who live or grew up in America and Europe. They shared their journeys from childhood through the professional years of experience, wisdom, and passion. Working from a heart and soul level, all are voices for the horse. After sitting with this collection of interviews, I was overwhelmed by the tapestry it wove in support of the artful heartfelt aspect of the modern equestrian world. Enthralling, and in some aspects familiar, each journey provides well-examined, modern insight into staying true to the heart and soul ’s depth of connection to the horse.

Among them are: 1) Master Luis Valenca, who shared stories and insights from his life, as well as two of his teachers, Master Don Jose Cunha Menezes (Baucherist) and Master Nuno Oliveira, 2) Rosalie Lewis, who had an unusual opportunity as a civilian to train with the Portuguese Military School in Mafra and studied with Master Nuno Oliveira, 3) Lena Wedenmark, who started her riding career in Sweden and later worked with Jonas and Anders Lindgren while living in the U.S., and 4) Elizabeth Johnson works, who works with horses on a mind, body, and soul level as an equine body worker. Her insight into the energetic subtleties and true nature of the horse is revealing and transformative for both humans and horses.

It was a privilege to be the interviewer and scribe for this timeless book.

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